At Karavan Handmade we make a daily commitment to sustainability in both our personal and business lives.  We do this not because it's currently fashionable or marketable, this has been part of our family values for as long as we can remember.  Here are some specific ways that we strive to be an eco-friendly, low waste company:

  • Our bath and body goods are produced with ingredients sourced from natural origins, such as essential oils and plant based carrier oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, etc.
  • Our scented container candles are made from soy wax that comes from sustainable U.S. grown soybeans and poured into jars that can be reused when the candle is spent.
  • Essential oil soap bars are presented in clear biodegradable & compostable cellulose bags.
  • Overall we keep our packaging minimal and use packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • We reuse box filler packaging which we have received from our suppliers whenever possible.
  • During production we utilize reusable rubber gloves, cotton shop towels, and washable mixing containers vs single use plastics or an abundance of paper towels.
  • Our goods are produced in small batches, which allows attention to detail, and minimizes the waste that comes with over-production.
  • We only patronize wholesalers who embody like-minded values and offer us eco-friendly products.
  • Our goal is to become a completely Zero Waste company, and we continue to educate ourselves daily regarding how we could do better.